So I managed to top out at a whopping ONE blog post for all of last I'm going to try to beat that this year. It should be easier due to the excitement of having new lambs and plenty of cute pictures to share! We just moved the whole family (18 sheep now!) up to some fresh grass in the upper field for the day, and plan on bringing them up there permenently with us when we move up to the camper. We are both a bit nervous about coyotes with the little guys being so..little. So we plan on using a number of scare tactics to keep them away. Kevin's preferred method so far is the bottle rocket (!?), while I am leaning towards a battery powered radio tuned to NPR. Might as well keep them up to date on current events right? I think the big move will happen tomorrow, but we'll see.
Work on the cheese cave is coming along, sealing the floor and walls today, then the FRP board goes on, and the AC unit installed, then a door, then shelving!
This will officially mark the beginning of the 2011 season as we hope to put some leeks, onions, and parsley starts in the greenhouse this week!
No Title 04/30/2010